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Debt can be a handy tool for purchasing property or assets that you cannot finance in a lump sum. At the same time, it can become a burden if your income is reduced, you lose your job, or take on more debt than you can handle. In the event of excessive debt and absolutely no way out, your last resort is to apply for bankruptcy.

When you file for bankruptcy, you are no longer liable to repay certain debts, You don’t have to pay taxes, and you don’t have to stress about being sued by creditors. If you are deep in debt with no other alternative, filing for bankruptcy makes sense. However, it’s essential to get a professional to help you with this. Filing for bankruptcy on your own may seem like a great money-saver, but if you carry it out on your own, you need to understand how it’s done. If not, you could end up with a severe disadvantage. To show you exactly what could go wrong, bankruptcy attorney Sam Calvert has explained why filing your own bankruptcy is a bad idea.

1. You may make the wrong choices
There are several traps for the unwary when filing for bankruptcy. For instance, you have to select which set of exemptions you use to protect your assets – federal or state. If you make the wrong choice, you could cause yourself a world of trouble.

2. You could lose your property
If you choose the wrong set of exemptions, you could lose property that would otherwise be protected. This makes it essential to work with a professional as they will help you make the right decisions, which will prevent you from getting into unfavorable situations.

3. You may incur additional costs
It may be possible to “fix” your bankruptcy, but it will cost you more to fix if you make the wrong moves on your own. A bankruptcy lawyer will charge you more if your situation is challenging. As a result, it’s best to leave the situation to a professional to avoid making it worse.

Do things right – Hire a professional
While technically you are free to do your own legal work, it’s best if you choose an expert for assistance if you are unaware of the requirements. If you decide to handle your bankruptcy yourself, you’ll need to invest in research. The less you know about filing for bankruptcy, the more research must do to understand exemptions available and figure out which ones to use.

On the other hand, with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can quickly size up your assets and maximize the amount protected. They will be aware of the exemptions suitable for you and help you with all your paperwork and the filing process to ensure you experience as little stress as possible. Moreover, they will do everything they can to minimize your penalties.

A “typical” bankruptcy for a wage earner generally starts at $1400.00. But the costs can vary depending on the circumstances of the case. To ensure you have everything you need, and you’re following the correct steps, attorney at law Sam Calvert is here to help. As a leading bankruptcy attorney in St. Cloud, Minnesota, he represents individuals and small businesses in financial distress. Being a former member of the private panel of bankruptcy trustees for chapter seven and a chapter twelve trustee, he has ample knowledge and experience to represent his clients and acquire for them a good deal. Sam’s bankruptcy practice currently focuses on representing people in financial distress and individual or small businesses instead of large corporations. Additionally, he is also a Real Property Specialist, certified by the Real Property Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

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