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Filing for bankruptcy is not as bad as many people make it look. While it isn’t a high point in any person’s life, it doesn’t have to be the lowest of lows either. Bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to put all your affairs in order and move on with a successful repayment plan. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of misconceptions that people harbor against bankruptcy, which affects their judgment. 

As one of the best bankruptcy lawyers, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, I want to help you distinguish between fact and fiction, and to do so, I’ve debunked three of the most widely believed myths about bankruptcy.

Myth 1: Bankruptcy ruins your credit forever.

The fear of bankruptcy is so crippling that people believe they will never be able to get credit because their creditworthiness is damaged forever. While bankruptcy can reflect on a person’s credit record for up to ten years, you are often creditworthy within four years, sometimes sooner. 

Hiring a bankruptcy professional will help protect your interests during bankruptcy proceedings and also provides a clear strategy to help you to overcome financial distress thereby improving your credit score in the least possible time.

Myth 2: Filing for bankruptcy makes you lose everything that you own.

Bankruptcy does not entail selling or losing everything that you own to bring you out of financial woes. Instead, it is about finding solutions to help you to meet your financial obligations. Bankruptcy laws have been structured to protect your interests as you go through this trying period in your life. By hiring a proficient bankruptcy attorney, you will gain an insight about your rights and an understanding of how the law protects most of what you own such as equity in your home, a certain amount of equity in your vehicle, household goods, etc.

Myth 3: The bankruptcy filing process is complex, takes up too much time and there is no positive outcome.

An inadequate understanding of the bankruptcy filing process consumes considerable time and adds to the burden of the client who is already facing financial concerns. A bankruptcy attorney can drastically reduce the time taken to navigate the bankruptcy process and find an optimal solution through the application of his or her legal and negotiation skills. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney helps a client not to lose hope because irrespective of the complexity of the case a professional finds a positive outcome that protects the client’s interests.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths and gain the benefit of advice from an expert who is proficient in all aspects of bankruptcy, reach out Sam Calvert, Attorney At Law.    

With over thirty years of experience as one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in St. Cloud. Minnesota, I represent people in financial distress and individual or small business creditors. I have a proven track record of assisting clients with a range of bankruptcy-related issues. My committed staff and I ensure that clients are not overwhelmed by the bankruptcy filing process.

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