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I came across a program that will help some people save money on their monthly internet bill.

Internet access seems like a necessity these days, but what with inflation hitting all of us, it sometimes seems out of reach.

The “Affordable Connectivity Program” will cover $30 of your internet bill (higher on tribal lands). I happen to have Spectrum internet at home, and everytime I log on there is a banner at the top saying that I might qualify for a monthly discount.

Briefly, if your household income is less than a certain amount, you likely qualify for the program. For a single person the amount is $27,180; for a household of two it is $36,620.00; for a household of four it is $55,500.00, and so on.

But in addition to the income qualification, if someone in your household gets government assistance, you also qualify. “Government assistance” includes SNAP, WIC, SSI, reduced school lunch and, I believe, Medical Assistance.

You can get more information and see if you qualify by going to this link:

Home – ACP – Universal Service Administrative Company (

And by the way, there is another program for telephone service, called Lifeline, that may help with the cost of phone service. The income limits are a little lower for that program. Here is the link for that program: Get Started – Universal Service Administrative Company (

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